Day in the life + sleep training!

My baby was 10 months old yesterday !

We have been struggling with Amelia’s sleep since we have moved her into her own room a few weeks ago.  She seems to wake up every 2 hours at night and I have just been feeding her and end up keeping her in bed with me so that we both sleep.

I don’t sleep well when I’m holding her at night since I’m conscious she is there.  She normally has a good dinner and we are giving her a bottle just before bed too so there’s no reason she should be hungry in the middle of the night and I shouldn’t be feeding her either.

After another week of broken sleep, and 5am wake up today, we decided we are just going to have to take turns and we are going to have to leave her in her bed and not pick her up and feed her in the middle of the night.  We will just have to keep going back in and comforting her till I guess she eventually falls asleep from exhausting, it breaks my heart just thinking about having to do it.  If anyone has any helpful tips, please let me know!

My alarm was set for 540am and Amelia woke up at 510.  I brought her in bed hoping to get us back to sleep but she just sat up and saying and waving hi.  Too cute to be mad at! There was no getting her back to sleep so I got her up with me to get ready for work.


I keep her strapped in her Bumbo while I’m taking a shower and she likes to pull everything out under the sink every time!

After my shower, I change her diaper and clothes and am hoping to let her play on her mat while I get my breakfast, lunch and her milk ready for the day.

Unfortunately she yells at me from across the living room and isn’t happy to sit and play so I stick her in her highchair to snack on some Cheerios while I carry on.


I hook myself to my pump to get some more milk for her bottles for the day and realize I actually have to leave in 4 minutes so there is no time for that!

I get my stuff ready to go and am out the door to the train station.  It’s about 15 minute walk to get there.

I like to start my day listening to the ‘Word for the Day’ to try and focus my thoughts and life for the day in the quiet of the morning.

It’s a beautiful morning in Westminster!



The person that was covering for me while I was on maternity is still working here, so there are 2 people currently doing 1 job, and since I’m leaving in a few months it makes sense for her to stay anyway.  But with that, there’s not a lot to keep me busy.  I finished everything I had to do by 11ish and have been painfully bored the rest of the day! Being ridiculously bored and tired is the worst combination!

My morning pick me up, these are SO good.

I went for a walk outside for my lunch break, catching up on my podcasts.

Third cup of coffee….

Power walk back to the train station to go get mah baby!

I have 3 miles on the books for my half marathon training plan, but I haven’t run since last Friday after getting some stomach bug/food poisoning Sunday night I’ve only just started feeling normal again.  I was supposed to run 4 miles last Sunday and 5 miles this Sunday so I’m not sure how realistic that will be now.  I only managed a 1 mile run so am hoping I’ll be able to do at least do 4 on Sunday.

She hangs out with Baby Einstein while I run 🙂

Steak. It’s what’s for dinner.

She has ventured out and on her way to the kitchen!

And this is how our night ended.  Trying to let her settle herself back to sleep, but we couldn’t leave her crying for very long because she kept pulling herself up and was standing up.  We didn’t want her to fall over so we had to keep going her back in and lying her back down which she did not like at all!

Any tips for baby helping baby self settle?!


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