8 early miles

Firstly my thoughts and prayers are with Houston. I have friends in Houston and family near by, it’s so scary to see what’s happening.

Love this post from the Texas Coast Facebook page.

My half marathon training plan had 8 miles scheduled for my long run.

We were driving to Wales early Sunday morning so Saturday was my day to get it done.

I’ve never been a morning exerciser, I have way more energy in the later afternoon/evenings and prefer running then but I was babysitting on Saturday till 6ish so starting my run then would clash with dinners and bedtime so my only option was to run early Saturday morning before I started babysitting around 9.

I needed to be running by 730ish to make sure I was back by 9. Amelia has been waking up between 6-630 I thought that would be a decent amount of time to get watered, coffeed and both of us fed.

Amelia woke up just after 6 so I took her to the spare room to feed her and hope she would snooze for a little bit longer but she didn’t so we got up and went downstairs around 645.

I don’t normally eat breakfast till 8ish so wasn’t ready for my normal egg and potato taco for breakfast so I just had a little bit of oatmeal. I started chugging water and had a cup of coffee for a caffeine boost, but probably wasn’t the best idea since it dehydrates me and couldn’t have been very hydrated from not having any water all night.

I made it out the door just after 730 and hit the pavement. This has been my hardest run so far. It normally takes me 2-3 miles to get in the groove but I felt I was struggling with every mile. Around mile 4 I really started struggling and kept getting cramps in my side and shoulder (what is this shoulder pain?!) I was carrying my phone and water bottle in my right hand so I’m guessing it’s coming from that. I need to find my arm band.

I was listening to the podcast 2 Dope Queens for the first half my run. They were definitely the hilarious entertainment I needed to occupy my mind!

I was 100% planning on stopping around mile 5 but my cramps finally stopped and I started to make my way back home around mile 6 so I didn’t want to give up if I could hold out. My left hamstring started feeling very tight with each mile which didn’t help. Luckily the run back is slightly downhill and music gave me the boost I needed to get to 8 miles.

Not sure how but this run was quicker than last week’s.

We were up early to watch the fight Sunday morning and off to Wales for the night since Monday was a holiday.

I was super sore when I woke up Sunday morning. I had more than a muscle soreness in my hamstring and IT band.

I looked up what causes IT band pain and some offenders that I’m guilty of were not warming up, and my shoes hurting my feet when running (luckily I snagged a great deal at the Nike outlets and have new ones now).

I’ve looked up some stretches and exercises to do to try and help ease the pain. I’m supposed to run 5 miles today but my hamstring still feels very tight so I’m not sure if I should skip it and just have my next run as my 9 mile long run this weekend to make sure I have plenty of time to recover.

We stayed in Cardiff for the night and drove to Barry Island on Monday to hang out at the beach for a few hours. The water was freeeezing so I wasn’t even going to attempt to stick Amelia’s toes in this time.

We went for ice cream instead.

Cheers to the freakin weekend.

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