Seattle & Wedding Day Food Tasting

Hello from Seattle! We’ve been go-go-go since we got here trying to get all of our wedding appointments taken care of the first few days we are here so we can enjoy our fun family filled time.

We left London early Wednesday morning, and got to Seattle around 11am, we were following the path of the rising sun the whole way which was pretty cool to see.


My step-mom cooked my favorite pot roast recipe, it is the easiest to make, and tastiest pot roast I’ve ever had


Thursday morning we had our food and cake tasting. All the food was delicious! Our venue is run by a famous chef who has 13 restaurants all over Seattle so we were very happy with how good everything was.


Our personalized menu!


Mini cheese burgers, so good.


Lamb keftas and sausage in a blanket


mushroom confit, one of the side dishes.



photo 1

Steak with salsa verde

photo 2

We wanted to try a chocolate cake, coconut cake, and vanilla cake.  We got coconut cream pie, chocolate, vanilla bean and raspberry jam fillings to try on all the different combinations of cakes.

We had our last meeting with our Pastor before the wedding!

photo 3

I love our cute little church, it’s the same church where my parent’s got married!

Friday morning we were scheduled to meet our photographer, however we had got covered in snow and had to postpone, I didn’t want to go out driving in that!

photo 5

photo 4

It was a clear day to see Mount Rainier, one of the many reasons I love Seattle!!

Tomorrow is our big Shiels Family Christmas Eve get together, the theme for food is comfort food, so everyone is bringing something that is a comfort food to them.  I’ll be bringing a chilli dip with hotdogs and covered with cheese! Greg’s comfort food for Seattle is Dick’s burgers so he’ll be bringing a few bags of cheeseburgers over, it’s gonna be a fun night!

Hope everyone has a fun Christmas Eve and Christmas!!

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2 Responses to Seattle & Wedding Day Food Tasting

  1. Your menu looks amazing! If you need any seat fillers I’d be happy to stop by and get my grub on haha 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

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