Weekend Revelations and GO SEAHAWKS!

The Super Bowl is finally here! So excited the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl and would be even more awesome if they win!!  Being able to go to the game in Seattle where they won the division was so fun, and such an amazing atmosphere.  The only downside is the game doesn’t start until 11:30pm here, womp womp. So I’ll have a nice 4 hour nap after the game before work!

photo (1)

photo 4

I’m so jealous of all the fun Super Bowl parties everyone is having.  I guess missing out on all the indulging is probably a good thing, like my cousin’s snack stadium!

photo (1)

Walk it out

I’ve been wearing a pedometer every day for about 6 months now.  My boss wore one and she had a spare so she gave it to me.  I have always been curious as to how many steps a day I take.  For the average stride, a mile is just over 2000 steps.  I always try to get at least 10,000 steps a day but prefer getting in 12,000.

This was from last Tuesday last week:

photo 2

Instead of taking the bus to work I walked to the train station which is about a mile walk.  I took four flights of stairs to the office.  Tuesdays are always crazy at work so I was definitely walking around the building a lot more than normal, and I also took advantage of my hour long lunch break and spent it walking around the shopping mall by work. After work I went to the gym and ran a little over 3 miles, and then walked the mile from the gym home.  What a day! I couldn’t believe I walked close to 12 miles!  Little things like not taking the bus and walking to the station, taking the stairs, making sure to take a walk on my lunch break all add up and really make a big difference.

Then it’s the weekend:

photo (2)I know it’s 2 hours earlier than the one on Tuesday, but I’m currently parked on the couch, so I won’t be moving a lot in the next few hours.  That total also includes a 3 mile run at the gym today.  So the weekends I don’t go to the gym my totals are only around 2-3000!  It’s interesting to see the huge difference and I definitely need to try and figure out some more ways to get moving on the weekends.

My Diet Bet finally finished, and just found out my winnings!


The bet was $30 to enter, so it was a $10 profit.  Not a lot, but free money is free money, and much better than losing $30!

Seahawks or Broncos? Doing anything fun for the Super Bowl? 

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