Five on Friday- Almost Christmas!

Less than a week till Christmas peeps, which means less than 2 weeks till my 30th birthday!!  December is flying by, I’m looking forward to have time off work to be able to enjoy my favorite time of year.

1. Family time!boys gabeGreg’s family got here on Wednesday from New York.  It was his nephews’ 8th birthday yesterday, we all went out for fish and chips to celebrate.  It was nice to have them here to celebrate his birthday with him since we don’t normally get to. Having kids around during Christmas makes it even more exciting, I can’t believe how much energy they have!

2. New footwear.foot

After waiting almost 3 months, I finally got the results of my MRI and one of my seasmoid bones is very inflamed.Sesamoid

The doctor said it is at the pre-fracture stage and wants to treat it as a fracture.  He said it probably would have broke if I continued exercising on it! So I have to wear this lovely thing for the next 4-6 weeks to keep all pressure off that part of my foot so it can heal as quick as possible, womp womp. It’s only been 2 days and its already driving me crazy!

3. Munich! For part of my 30th birthday trip we are going to Munich the day after Christmas for 4 days, then Greg is taking me to an undisclosed location to celebrate my 30th on New Years Eve, can’t wait to find out where we are going! We’ve booked tours to go see these castles, how cool do they look?! Real life Disney castles.  Neuschwanstein-Castle

4 . 30th birthday box- most of my friends are also turning 30 this year.  My friend Jess over here in England turns on the 23rd, and my maid of honor Amanda turns on the 10th of January so I’ve been working on a 30th birthday gift box for them. Thank you Pinterest as always for the idea! Here is the one I made for Jess. 3030thHer husband threw a surprise 30th birthday party for her last weekend so I gave it to her then.  I’ve included some of the same stuff for Amanda, but tried to tailor them to their individual likes which has been fun trying to find little things that I think they’ll really like.

5. Serial. Who’s been listening?! I saw this mentioned on an email and downloaded it to check it out.  I didn’t think it was a true story at first, once I did I was even more interested and have binge listened to all the episodes now. One last episode to listen to left!  So what do you think? Did Adnan do it? I definitely don’t think he did.  I think Jay potentially did it, or if he didn’t he definitely played a big part in it with his throwing away his clothes his boots, throwing away shovels and admitting to helping bury Hae.  All his crazy lies and changing his story every single time he was interviewed is definitely shady and him saying Adnan called him from the payphone in the BestBuy parking lot to pick him up after Adnan supposedly killed Hae when a payphone never existed!   Maybe he did it because he was jealous of Adnan being close to his girlfriend Steph? Whats weird to me though is apparently Jay and Adnan weren’t even that close, so why would be lend him his phone and car? Unless it was only so he could go get Steph a present for her birthday?  The only thing that really sticks out in my mind about Adnan was his cell phone pinging the tower by Leakin Park where she was buried and him and Jay were together that evening.  Its crazy how much more information is coming out from witnesses just from listening to the podcast.  Such a sad story, I wonder what really happened to her.

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4 Responses to Five on Friday- Almost Christmas!

  1. Jane says:

    I am glad that you are finally on the mend! What a long time to wait. I haven’t started Serial yet so I skipped that part of your post but I am planning on starting it soon!

  2. Melanie says:

    Just found your sweet spot of the internet through the 5 on Friday! How awesome about your trip t Munich!! Enjoy all those castles. I will have to stick with my Disney versions until I get somewhere to see the real thing. So neat!!
    Merry Christmas!!

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