What I Ate Wednesday- When I traveled back in time 8 hours


Our vacation day finally arrived!

Our cab picked us up at 6am, so I got up at 440am to get a quick HIIT workout in. I am loving this quick 7 minute workout! Seriously try it, so hard and so effective.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSVFjrlg-s0)

Knowing I’ll be sitting and eating for most of the day, I wanted to get some movement in!

It was a tough one! It’s my 6th day in a row of working out, and since they have been the days leading up to our vacation they have all been pretty hard!

Sat-1.5 mile run to the gym and hour of boxfit

Sun- Bodypump (still sore!)

Mon- Insanity Upper body weight training- it’s not all upper body weights either, it’s a full body workout!

Tues- Total Body Workout – Body by Jake (40 minutes of weight training mixed with high intensity cardio)

Wed- Insanity Max Interval Circuit

So my body will probably appreciate the rest today!

I had some coffee after I showered.  I like a little addition of hazelnut flavoured coffee!    I normally don’t eat breakfast till 9am so 5am was still a little too early for me. I had a couple bites of some smoked trout and fage when I was clearing out the fridge.   Through security and checked in! This is when we can really relax and walk around care free!

Breakfast at airport pub: Poached eggs, avocado and toast.

Plane meal time- chicken and mashed potatoes

Snacks! Sweet onion wheat thins we brought, BBQ corn nuts and a chicken and pesto sandwich with a scone and clotted cream before we landed.


First purchase in the U.S. Of A!


Yay for sunny Seattle!

It’s become a tradition when my Dad picks us from the airport we have to stop at Dick’s for cheeseburgers! (It was even one of our wedding photograph stops)

Pam and Greg-434 Pam and Greg-465My Dad always calls them covert doubles because when we usually get there it’s right before dinner and when my step-mom has a feast waiting for us when we get home.  I think my Dad enjoys them as much as we do since it’s usually the only time he stops and gets them too.

My sister’s baby shower that I’m hosting is on Saturday so I have to go to the grocery store and pick up the dishes I will be making for it.  I seriously feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m back in the States and go grocery shopping.  I miss all the options and all the yummy new stuff I’ve been missing out on, I want to get everything!

I start getting some of the games ready for the shower, want to make sure everything is not rushed the next couple of days so I can take my time with it all and enjoy my family time.

Having fun with my brother’s girlfriend getting ready for the shower:

My dad helped out getting those candies secure.   Mexican and a margarita for dinner! Carne asda for me
I spotted this in the freezer and had to have a couple bites, dangerously good!   I always have to get these when I come back, I love the honey walnut cream cheese!


We made it till around 10pm which was about 6am for us, time to pass out!

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2 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday- When I traveled back in time 8 hours

  1. Hello! So glad I stumbled upon your blog today! I travel up to Seattle weekly for work so your pictures were fun to see :).

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