Amelia Grace one month 

As all new parents seem to say, I can’t believe how fast this time has gone by. 

The first few weeks were definitely a blur, the days and nights all rolled into one and I now see why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture! From someone who thought they couldn’t function on more than 6 hours of sleep it’s amazing how our bodies adjust, 4.5 hour stints during the night is a huge plus! 

Figuring out breastfeeding is always a challenge and was a little more stressful because she lost a bit too much weight at her 10 day check so I thought she might not be getting enough milk. I started expressing into a bottle to give her some extra milk so that did the trick! 

Love my little baby cuddles! 

 We only had a few trick or treaters this year, apparently not having your outside lights on isnt clear enough, you needed to have decorations out to let people know where to get the candy! We had a mini pumpkin so I put that outside, we didn’t have anyone come after about an hour and I went to check outside and the pumpkin was gone! Haha 

We had a newborn photographer come over and take some pictures, they are adorable! 

She was 6 weeks on Tuesday and we are starting to see some smiles! Can’t wait till it’s more of a regular occurrence! 

We are so blessed and loving every day with our sweet little baby girl. 

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