Las Vegas Half Marathon Training – 9 Miles

TGIF! I have 9 miles on my half marathon training plan for today.  I always seem to have better runs later in the day, so I have been running home from work on Fridays the last few weeks which has been working well and letting me enjoy my full weekend and relax without  a long run looming over me.

relaxin eatin

Unfortunately there is a 60% chance of rain this evening,  but I’m still hoping for the 40% chance that it won’t!

Last week during my 8 mile run, my old cotton Nike capris had a hole on the thigh, and I ended up with some pretty bad chaffing at the end of it so it was time to invest in some new ones! I have other Nike capris but they don’t stay on my waist very well and annoyingly have to keep pulling them up while running, so I found some with pockets and drawstrings so I’ll be testing them out tonight.


Wish me luck!

 Does a little rain make you postpone a scheduled run?

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1 Response to Las Vegas Half Marathon Training – 9 Miles

  1. Good luck! You’ll be great!

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