Yes to the dress!

So I FINALLY found my wedding dress! I’ve been looking since May when I first went with my mom in Maryland.  The little town she lives in only had a David’s Bridal and one other formal/wedding dress store.  All I had in mind was that I didn’t want a strapless dress, I always have issues with strapless dresses’ and feel like I’m constantly having to pull them up so I didn’t want to have to worry about that on my wedding day. I tried on around 12 dresses between both places and there wasn’t anything that I loved. Me and my mom had been shopping all morning and went to the dress places just before lunch, so at that point I was hungry and very impatient! JL

When I got back to London I went to quite a few dress places and of the 50 it felt like I had tried on, there was only one that I loved, but unfortunately since I had gained some weight from my Vegas & Seattle festivities, it was a little snug so I couldn’t get it on! I blame it on the complimentary buffet and maybe a few margaritas.

Since it was slightly over my dress budget and I couldn’t try it on properly, I thought it was best to leave it and look elsewhere since I still had a year till the wedding.  After a few months and a few pounds lost and still no luck with any other dresses, I got in touch with the lady to see if that dress was still available and she told me a girl would be going back the next day to try it on again to make a decision on it, so she would let me know what happens.  I was really hoping she wouldn’t get it, but if it was meant to be it would be.  She contacted me the next day and she told me she didn’t get it!! She wanted it, but her mom and sister convinced her to go with another dress!


I made an appointment to go try it on again, and it slipped right on and fit! I loved it.


Since the dress wasn’t brand new and had been worn once I before I managed to get £100 knocked off the price.  Initially another reason I said no to the dress was it had been worn once before, but after all the other dresses I tried on, it was the only one I couldn’t stop thinking about so I couldn’t pass it up a second time!

I will be storing it at my future in-laws house till the wedding, so no chance of him trying to sneak a peak!


Half-marathon training

I decided to try and do another 9 miles today instead of moving up to 10.  It has taken all week for my hamstring to stop hurting from my last run so I’m a little nervous how today will go. I’m going to try to keep my run around 9:00 minute miles and just see how my leg feels as I go.  I’ve changed my route to avoid the super steep hills I ran last time, so hopefully I can get through it and won’t be in as much pain after as I was last week.  1 month the race today!

Would you ever buy a wedding dress that has been worn before? 

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