Run, Rings, Walkers, and Wind!

Our clocks went back an hour this weekend.  I was hoping to get to bed early and not be as tired as I usually am on a Monday, but The Walking Dead Season 1 marathon stopped that from happening.


I had 10 miles on my half-marathon training plan this weekend. I wanted to get some extra carbs in before the run so I made a pumpkin, banana, oat bread. I used plain non-fat greek yogurt in place oil to make it healthier, and only used 1/4 cup of Splenda instead of 1/2 cup of brown sugar that the recipe called for.  I figured it would be sweet enough with the 2 ripe bananas in it.  Other than pumpkin being a delicious fall staple food, it’s packed with vitamins A & C as well as iron, folate, and potassium just to name a few of the minerals it has, so dig in!


The weather forecast called for ridiculously strong winds and rain this weekend, and strong winds there were!  I decided a treadmill run with a tv to distract me and being able to have a huge bottle of water instead of the little handheld one I normally run with sounded much more appealing.  The Mindy project and The Big Bang Theory kept me occupied!


Unfortunately there isn’t very good air circulation, so I was really over heated and struggling the last 3 miles.  I switched over to my playlist to give me some upbeat motivation and focused on a treadmill in front of me.  It kept scrolling through with things like ‘Wellness is mental balance’, ‘Wellness is vitality’, I focused on these for inspiration and mental toughness!


Run done!

On Sunday we went to a mall to check out a few different Jewelers to look for our wedding bands! We both found ones we really liked and wanted, but thought it would be really cool to potentially buy our rings in Vegas since so much of our relationship is linked to Vegas.  We shall see!

I wanted Greg to get on the Walking Dead train with me, so we spent our night watching the first 4 episodes.  We’ve got a lot of catching up to do!


It was even windier this morning when I woke up and saw this right next to my bus stop!


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