Five on Friday- Get yo booty movin’!

Seriously how fast is this year going by? Rah-diculous!  Can’t believe there are only a few days left of March.   Spring is definitely here and it’s so nice to see all the pretty flowers blooming on trees.

We have to change our clocks forward this weekend, we normally do it about a week later than the States, but this year has been about 3.  It’s been nice only having a 4 & 7 hour time difference to talk to my fam.  The only good thing about losing an hour of sleep is longer days and shorter nights means summer time is almost here!

Mother’s Day is on Sunday here in the UK, and Greg is an April Fool’s baby, so lot’s of celebrations goin’ on! His ‘Mum’s’ 70th birthday is in May and we are surprising her with a trip to Paris to go to the French Open.  We want to make sure she doesn’t try and make any other plans so we are going to surprise her with the gift for Mother’s Day.  He got her a cheese board that slides open to where the knives are and is going to put the ticket there, and I’m going to wrap some French cheese for her to go with it, ha!

So on to gettin my booty movin’, the only race we had considered running this year was the  Las Vegas Rock n Roll half marathon, the insane entry fee last year was $185.  In January they sent out a special for $99 if we wanted to register for this year.  We weren’t sure if it would even be possible only a few months after the wedding, but we thought we might as well enter while the prices are so much cheaper.  We were checking out flight and hotel prices a couple weeks ago, and they were so cheap that we had to jump on the opportunity.  So we’re all booked up now and we’re goin back to Vegas!



2. 5K Electric Run 

I’ve heard about this run, and after seeing it on The Bachelor it looked like a lot of fun!


2. Nike Women’s 10K

This is also a night run in Central London, Nike have partnered with Elle for this women’s only run.  I’ve never participated in a night run before, but I’m excited to run around London with my friends at night!

NR 3. Royal Parks Half Marathon

This race takes place in the fall and is through central London and all the famous sights.  The entry is done through a ballot so it’s really hard to get into, we applied last year and didn’t get in, and applied again this year thinking the same would happen.  Well, I got a place, but Greg didn’t.  Luckily he found a way to get a spot through a charity, so we are run-ning! (Forrest Gump style)

The only worrying thing is, the race is exactly a month after we get back from our honeymoon, so that means training right up to the wedding and during our honeymoon.  I guess getting some long runs in around Maui wouldn’t be such a bad thing though!


5. Spin  One of my good friends I went to school with here got her certification to teach spin, it was fun to take her class and see her teach.  I hadn’t taken a spin class in 5+ years, the saddle soreness kills me! Does that ever go away?!  


Spin- love it or hate it? 

Do you have any races planned for this year? 


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