Five on Friday- Speculoooooooos!

1. Zombie Blitz– Last Saturday Greg and I went to our 1940s WWI Zombie Blitz, it was so much fun! When we got there some sirens went off meaning we had to get to our air raid shelter.  Bombs were dropped nearby and we were trapped in the shelter and had to crawl through a completely dark zig zagging tunnel to try and find a way out.  The first room we found, there was a zombie girl locked up in a cell that was going crazy and trying to get us, so we ran out into a room that had a dead body on an operating table.  We heard some people coming so we ran upstairs and could see everything down below in the room.  Nazi soldiers and a doctor came in to show the soldiers the experimenting he had been doing on dead bodies and brought the dead body on the table back to life.  Once they left the room, we left with the dead guy chasing after us.  We found a room to hide in,  and a few minutes later the Nazi soldiers came in yelling at us like crazy, shooting off their guns and told us to face the wall with our hands behind our backs! Luckily British soldiers came in t0 save us and we ran out and through a maze with loads of other zombies chasing us and one on stilts, so scary!  At the end they let us shoot a fake gun that actually felt, sounded and sparked like a real gun in a room full of zombies coming straight at us. Luckily we finally made it to safety and survived!



2. Cauliflower pizza We have been having lots of cauliflower lately and I was craving a healthier pizza.  Most of the recipes I found used tons of cheese, which I guess helps to keep it in one piece but I wanted to try and keep it lower calorie and only used a little bit of grated mozzarella. It held together pretty well until I tried to move it from the pan to my plate and then it fell apart.  I probably had too many toppings! Oh well, it was still good.


3. Get Hammered– Some of our friends who recently got married just moved into a brand new house and we went to stay the night with them last Sunday night.  They moved more out into the country, and it’s such a cute little quiet place.  I was looking up some housewarming gift ideas on Pinterest, and loved this “get hammered” gift idea.  They really like wine so I knew this would be a good gift for them.


4. Run- Tomorrow is my Nike Women’s 10K run.  Unfortunately the forecast is very strong winds and rain, so I’m still debating whether to go or not.  It would take about an hour to get there on the train, it doesn’t start till 8pm, and I’d have to go by myself so not sure how I’m feeling about that one now.



5. Speculoos coffee syrup– I recently ordered some Lotus cookie butter from Amazon, and got an email with this new cookie butter flavored syrup! I haaaaaaad to get it.  I got it in the mail a few days later, and tried it out at work.  Unfortunately, but probably fortunately, it doesn’t really taste anything like it so at least I won’t be finishing the bottle anytime soon!



Any fun weekend plans? 

Tips on a better cauliflower pizza? 

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