Five on Friday!

Helllo!!  Happy Friday! I’ve had a bit of a good whirlwind of busyness these past few weeks so I’m glad it’s finally the weekend!

1. Post-Grad Dietetics interview.

So there are only 2 schools in London that offer Post grad/masters courses where you can qualify to become a dietitian.  I applied to both, one of them being where I got my bachelors.  The courses are all funded by the government, therefore you have to interview and be chosen to get a spot on the course, and it is ridiculously competitive.

I found out I got selected for an interview for my alma mater, but didn’t even get short listed for an interview for the other school, which was really disappointing and I found out a few days before my interview which just added so much more pressure to it since it would be my only opportunity this year to start studying to be a dietitian.


I had my interview last Friday, there were about 20 of us there and I knew there were 11 places on the course up for grabs so I thought I might actually have a decent chance, then I found out there are 2 other days that they are interviewing another 55 people!!!


We had a written exercise, which I felt good about, and we were asked 8 questions for the interview.  I was told that one of the questions they always ask is what does a dietitian do, so I included a well rehearsed answer that would nail it, and or course they didn’t ask it, and didn’t really get a chance to say what I wanted to say with my rehearsed information either.

One of the questions was really random and was what would you cook if you were having a dinner party, and if one of your guests was vegetarian what would you do then? I still don’t know which psychological aspect they actually were trying to find out. We won’t find out anything until mid-April so I have a month of torture of going through it all in my head while waiting to find out.

2. Dietitian’s assistant.

On a more positive note, I started my new job at a hospital as a dietitian’s assistant this Tuesday.  I’ll only be working 2 days a week so I’m so happy to FINALLY be doing something I want to do.  It’s definitely going to take some adjusting getting used to working in a hospital environment, but if I can’t start my post grad this year, this experience will really help my application for next year.

I got to shadow the dietitian when she did her rounds seeing patients, and it really makes you put life in to perspective.  The hospital is a lung and heart hospital so a lot of the patients have gotten or are waiting for heart and lung transplants.  I get to do a talk on healthy eating once a week to all the pre-op patients having heart procedures and public speaking is definitely something I need to work on so being forced to do it once a week should do the trick!


 3. Driving.

I’ve had about 6 driving lessons so far, I don’t have nearly as much anxiety as I had in the beginning but I still feel like it’s going to take sandlot.  I drove his car a few times and since his is older than the car I’ve been taking my lessons in, I stalled right as the light turned green with a line of cars behind me! So nerve wracking driving a manual car, too much going on to think about! I feel like I’m 17 again in drivers ed.

4. House hunting.

We are down to a few different places that we really like and have put offers on.  One of them is still in the process of being built so we didn’t really want to decide on it until we’ve seen it when it’s closer to being ready so we have another viewing tomorrow morning.  Luckily we have no pressure to find something right away or move anytime soon if we don’t want to.  I feel like buying a house is something where you have to put so much trust in everyone else who actually knows whats going on with the house buying process and it’s hard to know who is actually being genuine!

5. My phone.

So my phone got stolen on my lunch break today, it was in my pocket one second and literally 2 minutes later it was gone.  I had it when I was in a bakery getting my lunch so either someone took it out of my pocket or it fell and I didn’t hear it which probably isn’t likely since I realized about a minute later and retraced my steps a few times and no phone. I tried calling it 5 minutes later when I was back at work and it was already going straight to my voicemail like someone had turned it off since it was password protected and they couldn’t get into it.  #firstworldproblems

britt cry


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