Five on Friday- The Road Blocks of Life

1.  So I had my post grad dietetics course interview about 6 weeks ago, and have been anxiously waiting to find out what my future holds! I was told we would find out sometime mid-April and when I didn’t hear anything last week, I knew it had to be sometime early this week.  Sure enough, Tuesday evening I got the email saying I didn’t get a spot and have been put on a waiting list if someone else declines their spot, but they aren’t allowed to tell us where we actually are on that waiting list.

At first I was like….


Then I was all….


So now I have to wait till next year to apply again, but luckily in the mean time I’ll be getting a years worth of experience as a dietetic assistant that I didn’t have before so it should only make me a stronger candidate next year.

2.  House hunting- We’ve also put our apartment on the market and have found a buyer and also planning for the future and looking for a bigger place for us, so considering all the delightful costs that go along with that it’s definitely best that I can continue working full time instead of having to go part time if I was going back to school this year.  We have spent every Saturday for the last few months looking at places, so I’m hoping we’ll find the one soon!

3. Undisclosed The State vs Adnan Syed-Have you started listening? I’ve listened to the first episode and it’s crazy how much more information has already come out that is completely changing the story!


4. Full-ER House – I got an email showing Kimmie’s tweet to DJ, I was OBSESSED with Full House and Mary-Kate and Ashley growing up.


 I’m really excited for  Full-ER House but I hope it’s not a let down!!



5. Amsterdam- We all get the 4th of May off from work, so why not take advantage and spend the weekend in Amsterdam.  Bring on all the Dutch goodness of fries, pancakes and biking ride alllll day!


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5 Responses to Five on Friday- The Road Blocks of Life

  1. Andrea Nine says:

    I’ve been loving all the Full House tweets. Can’t wait to see the gang and I’m with ya, please don’t be a let down. Wow, Amsterdam, I’ve only been in the airport there, would LOVE to visit for awhile. Enjoy!!

  2. Jane says:

    Undisclosed is SO good so far! I am anxiously awaiting the next episode!

  3. Sorry to hear about your dietetics course 😦 I am anxiously awaiting word on whether or not I got into the Coordinated Dietetics Programs I applied to, so I know the stress of uncertainty. As cliche as it sounds, I like to think everything happens for a reason though. What’s meant to be will be. Onward and upward girl!

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