Munich part 2 

Our shower door didn’t close properly in our hotel room which was a pain because you basically had to shower and keep one hand holding the door shut the whole time.  We mentioned it to the front desk and they upgraded us to a suite and got free breakfast buffet for the next two days! You don’t ask you don’t get!  Our room had a Nespresso machine, I took full advantage. The only plans we had on the agenda on Sunday was going to the famous Allianz Arena so Greg could get to see a football match there since it is where Bayern Munich play. After the game we headed to the Hofbrahaus for an afternoon snack and so Greg could have some beer. This was only the half size!  There were ladies dressed up that were pretzel wenches selling freshly baked pretzels, I had to get one!    I was using an app to translate the German menus, women asparagus served whole!

We found this beautiful church to visit on Easter.

     We went to Burger Haus for dinner! Truffle burger for me! Our last day we had plans to go and see the Dachau concentration camp memorial site.         

Right when we entered the gates, it started snowing pretty hard and was windy wet snow.  We were freezing and getting wet fast.  I was trying to look at our audio guide map to see where we needed to go first while we were standing in the courtyard.

This was the same place where the thousands of prisoners had to come out each day for roll call.  I couldn’t begin to imagine would it would be like to stand out in the freezing cold for hours with no protection from the cold, while starving and sick.

  This plaque was in the memorial room at the exhibition center.  The exhibition center was originally used as a maintenance building where prisoners were forced to enter the camp.

We saw the desks where they had lined up to check in and were forced to undress and completely undress and handover everything they owned that they were able to carry with them.         

The next stop was the bunks where the prisoners slept.  The rooms showed the progression of the bunks throughout the war.   

We walked through the rest of the camp where you can the sites of where all the other bunk houses used to be.  The camp was initially created for a capacity for 6000 prisoners in 1937, by the end of the war in 1945 the camp had over 30,000 prisoners.

   I noticed a little nun walking through the camp, and at the end of the camp is a covent that is in use and nuns live in today.  Visitors can speak to the nuns if they wish which is very nice. 


This was a gas chamber next to the crematorium.  There is no evidence that this gas chamber was used to kill any prisoners, but where prisoners underwent a selection of who were judged too sick or weak to continue and were then sent to a euthanasia center in Austria.


This is one of the guard towers.  creepy.      

Our last schnitzel in Munich! This one was the best one and stuffed with ham and cheese! 

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2 Responses to Munich part 2 

  1. HA! I will forever “complain” about a little something at hotels, just to see how they compensate! 😉

    And wow, I am completely fascinated by the camp. I love observing places of history, and that camp certainly is chalk full of it. I need to take a trip to Munich, among 10000000 other places!

  2. Pam says:

    I wasn’t going to bother but Greg insisted! good thing 🙂

    You definitely need to come to Europe if you love history!

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