A day in the life….

I love reading these posts from other bloggers so I thought now that I’m a couple weeks into my new job that I love I thought it would be fun to share! Here’s a look at my Wednesday:

06:12- alarm goes off, wahh too early. I get up, get in the shower to wake me up

06:33- Get to the kitchen, turn the burner on and start cooking my breakfast.

I’ve pretty much had the same thing every day for at least a year! It seems to be the only thing I really enjoy that keeps hunger at bay for most of the morning.  2 eggs, 1 egg white, 2 pieces of bacon in a mini tortilla.


06:45- Make a salad and leftover chicken to take for lunch.  Lettuce, avocado, green onion and some cucs.


06:55- Out the door and make my 20 minute walk to the train station.  I’ve set a my fitness pal goal to try and get 12,500 steps a day and this is where I get a nice chunk of it.


It’s always nice on clear sunny mornings like this one.


Listening to Joel Osteen Podcast on the way.


07:21 – Take the train for 10 minutes, where I wait for the bus to the hospital. I check the bus arrival time and have 6 minutes to spare so I quickly run to Starbucks for a sugar free vanilla latte. I guess my American accent throws people off when I tell them my name is Pam.  When I got to work and met the chaplain across from our office, I told her my name and she was like Peam? I need to practice saying my name with an English accent so people understand me!


08:05- Get to work and start going over the weekly presentation I have to give to pre-op patients.


12:35- Presentation done! Lunch time and now I can relax! So far no one has asked me any questions at the end, I think I’m more nervous from not knowing what I may be asked.  The only question I had was where was I from, because ‘toe-MAY-tos’ gave it away instead of ‘toe-MAH-toes’!

I have my own caseload of patients, usually between 4-6 that usually just need some encouragement to eat and sometimes fortified drinks to help bulk up their nutrition if they aren’t eating enough. I love my job and am so thankful for it, it’s so rewarding and I never thought it was possible to feel this way about work. Working in a hospital environment is definitely something Im getting used to though, it really makes you appreciate health and life.

415- Get the bus back to the station.  It only comes once every 20 minutes so can’t miss it!

440- Catch the train back home.  I’m usually too tired to walk all the way back so I try to catch another bus closer to the house depending on how long the wait is.  I just missed it, so a walking a go! It would be another 12-15 minute wait for the next one and I’ll pretty much be nearly home by then if I walk.

510- Home time. Off with the work clothes on with the workout clothes.

520- Time to get a quick workout in-I signed up for the Beachbody 30 day trial and have access to all the Beachbody programs, and have been loving trying workouts from P90X3, Asylum, Cize Shuan T’s dance workout program, its a fun workout if you want to take it easy, but still works up a sweat!

630- Get back in the kitchen and start the chop chop chopping! Tis the season for tennis, Greg has a team match tonight so I’m cooking for one.  Baked chicken pesto with mozzarella please! I always make a ton of roasted vegetables and a big salad with our dinners.  all.the.veggies to keep my hunger at bay!

830- Dinner and dishes done, I try and get my lunch and anything else I need ready work so I’m not rushing around all morning.

900- I have to give training tomorrow on fluids & nutrition to health care assistants and it’s the first time giving it so go over my presentation a few times for practice. 

We are having a 4th of July kickball party next weekend, I’m making all the English celebrate with me and they have to bring their favorite American dish with them! We just registered with Costco so I made a list of everything we may need and then we can get lots of American branded goodies in bulk.

930-Time to catch up on my shows! Have you guys watched The Affair? Pacey is back! I’m just finishing the mid-season finale, such a good show. Snack of my pumpkin banana oatmeal pancakes topped with cinnamon, chocolate PB2, banana, and a drizzle of toffee nut peanut butter.

1045-time to hit the hay!

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2 Responses to A day in the life….

  1. Jane says:

    I love the day in the life posts too! So fun to get to ‘know’ people a little better! So glad to hear you are loving your job!

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