5 on Friday- Vacation edition

  1. Seattle Story book baby shower!

My sister’s baby shower was a few days after we arrived in Seattle.  She wanted a story book themed party and it turned out really cute!IMG_6961

IMG_6906My Pinterest fail at making a Seahawk

IMG_6907My little caterpillar creation!

IMG_6913We got homemade scones freshly baked that morning from a local bakery, and 6 different types of jam.


IMG_6910We played a few games after we ate:


IMG_6958Tinkle in the pot! This one was hilarious, the girls were in team and had to put a balloon under their shirts and walk with a ping pong ball and drop it in the mason jar.

IMG_6954I saw this on Etsy and had to get it for her.

2. 1 year wedding anniversary celebration

I planned for my family and I to go to dinner at the restaurant right next to our wedding venue, which was the same company who catered our wedding, to celebrate our first anniversary.  IMG_6981

IMG_6983Blue cheese bacon burgers all around!

IMG_6986I ordered the same flavored cake from the bakery we had at our wedding.


IMG_6991Vanilla bean and raspberry jam!

Of course I made us repeat the same posed picture we took on our wedding daylenablog2Then..IMG_7008and now.

3. Maui!

We woke up at 2am to drive to the top of Haleakala mountain to watch the sunrise.  It was a little cloudy so we didn’t see the sunrise clearly, but it was still beautiful!

Pancakes with vanilla macadamia nut sauce!
View from our hotel at the Royal Lahaina Resort.

Dinner at Merriman’s.
  Our road to Hana adventures! 
  Hurricane Ignacio was close to the islands a few days before we got there so the ocean was going crazy!  Hiking the Pipiwai trail.
   Black sand beach.

Our view as we are driving around the island.
Boogie boarding at Black Rock.   
  Turtles coming in from the ocean for the evening, was so cool!   We woke up early on our last morning to get to the beach one last time.
Tired eyes!

4. Vegas Eats! 

In-N-Out animal style, so.effin.good.  I don’t know why didn’t take much more advantage of this place when I was living in California.
Caesar’sP Palace buffet.   All the desserts!
Carmine’s. Veal Parm, amazing!   Their house salad is delish.
Hash House A Go Go.  Grilled banana pancake with pecans.  I think I ate about a qtr of this, plus a biscuit on the side of course. I take advantage of biscuits when in ‘Merica.   
Staple Cheesecake Factory stop.  White choc macadamia nut, I also had their new salted caramel which was wayyy better.   Bad picture, but steak with blue cheese butter at Vic and Anthony’s.  I had the potatoes au gratin and he had the baker.
One last Rueben at Planet Dallie’s before we go!   Had to have one last In-N-Out too 🙂
5. Vegas fun!

My besties came from California to hang out with for the weekend!
We went to XS to see David Guetta  Cruising down the strip.

4am white russians at New York New York playing $5 black jack for hours!   

Football drink at Fat Tuesdays while walking down the strip, always a good idea.   Broken by Vegas, until next time!


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