5 on Friday – Is it Thanksgiving yet?!

Happy Friday Peeps!

1. Applications open!

It’s surprisingly been a quick year of waiting for applications to open up for the Post Grad/Masters Dietetics course again. The deadlines are December and January, but since I know the drill it shouldn’t take as long as it did last year.  I’m also going to apply to a university that has a 3 year undergrad dietetics course if I don’t get a spot on the masters at least I’d be on my way instead of wasting another year waiting hopefully.

Unfortunately my interview last year was 1 week before I started my new job as a dietetic assistant.  Now that it is my full time job, in 2 completely different hospitals, I’m hoping a years worth of experience will be everything I need to get through this time.

2. I’m a licensced UK Driver!

The year has not been a quick year of driving lessons! I started taking lessons back in February and initally had an hour lesson a week during my lunch break and then switched it to a 2 hour lesson on the weekend.  I had so much dred and anxiety before every lesson!

It’s scary driving a manual….sitting on the other side of the car that I’m not used to…..and driving with hardly any or sometimes no room on the road for 2 cars to pass!

But I’ve finally passed, the whole driving test experience is a whole nother drama.  Most people don’t pass till their 2nd or 3rd time taking the test, and you have to pay £62.50 each time!  I much preferred drivers ed in high school where my last lesson was my driving test, so easy!

I passed on my second time, I thought I passed the first time cause everything went pretty smoothly but, apparently it’s against the law to drive and stay in the right hand lane since the right lane should be used for overtaking only and you should always stay in the left so I failed because I didn’t move back into the left hand lane.

I really wanted to make sure I passed before my mom comes at the end of November so we can drive around everywhere instead of having to bus it like we did last time she visited.  It still kind of freaks me out cause it’s so hard to tell how much space I have when passing parked and oncoming cars. 

Still reppin’ the USA!


My mom will be here the weekend before Thanksgiving, it’s been awhile since she was here last.  I’m so happy she will be here for Thanksgiving, we will be having it with Greg’s parents and his Aunt, Uncle and cousin who have never experienced a Thanksgiving, so I’m looking forward to showing them what it’s all about.

Last time she was here we went to Scotland, and this time we are going to Paris for the weekend.  Can’t wait to show her the city, we are also going to see the Palace of Versailles which is amazing, so excited! Plus fresh baguettes, almond croissants, and crepes with nutella every day, and maybe a few times a day!

All the Christmas markets are starting to open up in London too.  They skip from Halloween right to Christmas here! All the German bratwurst stands and mulled wine really gets you in the festive season.

4. Elf the musical.

Elf is definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies.  Once I found out there was going to be a musical for Christmas, we had to get tickets.  We are going the week before Christmas, woot woot!

5. Salted caramel

After my step mom made these mini salted caramel cheesecakes, I have been obsessed and want all things salted caramel.

It is a friend’s birthday dinner tomorrow night so I’m going to try and make this cheesecake sandwiched between chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream, finished with chocolate ganache and topped with some more salted caramel. Hopefully it’s not a Pinterest fail!  Had to make this purchase.

Followed by this purchase.   Heated up cookie with above ice cream on top.  Buying a 4 pack was not a good idea, because I could not stop at just one!


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