36 weeks and a baby shower!

According to my weeks by junk food size, baby is the size of a jumbo bag of chips!


Her measurements from our 36 week ultrasound estimate she is weighing in at 6lbs. It is exactly 3 weeks until my due date today so estimating a 7.5lb baby. I will take that and hopefully won’t be pushing anything too much bigger, yikes!

Weight gained:

 27 pounds, I’ve only gained about .6lb in the past few weeks.


Non-existent other than my mile walks to and from the train station. I have been trying to get out during my half an hour lunch break to get some extra steps in. I found a cute little park right across from the hospital that has been nice to walk around.

 Next week is my last week at work so I’ll have a few weeks before my due date to get some gym time in.

 Any baby related/pregnancy purchases:

 After seeing lots of new moms using it and the good reviews we ordered the wubbanub! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mary-Meyer-Wubbanub-Afrique-Elephant/dp/B017S9QNO2/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1473944352&sr=8-5&keywords=wubbanub 

I had a baby shower on Saturday and we received lots of sweet gifts for baby girl!

One more week at work with this view, gonna miss it!

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