32 week bumpdate and 2 year wedding anniversary!

Baby Updates: 

According to my weeks by junk food size, baby is the size of a bucket of popcorn

According  to her measurements from our ultrasound she is weighing in at 4lbs and 7 ounces! I can’t believe she is supposed to almost double her weight in the next 8 weeks!

Weight Gained: 

24.2 pounds up so far.  It’s been a stressful few weeks around here and unfortunately my eating habits are showing it.


Greg still is still on the road to recovery and isn’t walking again yet, so my workouts are being on my feet and running up and down stairs at home!

The gym is so close yet my motivation is so far away!

Food Cravings: 

Goldfish! I’ve been going through my stash we brought back with us from our last trip.  Can’t beat the classic cheddar.  They also have a new cinnamon flavor that we discovered earlier in the year, they taste like graham crackers, so addicting!

I’ve also been buying beet salads at work for my lunches, I always thought I hated beets but fresh ones in salad are really good and a change from just the normal tomato cucumber salads I have.

Food Aversions: 

Nothing specific other than I still am not eating homemade salads and some veggies I roast.  I can happily eat a plate full of veggies if someone else prepares it or if I buy it out, but if I make it, it just grosses me out and I don’t want to eat it.  So weird.


Swollen ankles in the evenings.

Still getting round ligament pain in my lower abdomen, which I imagine will just continue if the baby is supposed to be gaining 1/2 pound a week!

Looking Forward To:

Finally getting our nursery set up and getting baby’s clothes put away and ready for her.

Greg found someone who does flatpack assembly which is awesome since he is currently out of commision, so he came and assembled our crib and changing unit.  There was also a wardrobe that came with the set, but he found one of the pieces was broken and wasn’t able to put it together.  We got the spare parts from the company yesterday but they sent it in the wrong color, and have to wait again for the right ones, so hopefully it will all get sorted soon.

All our baby clothes have stayed packed away in suitcases since while the house renovations were going on. I’ve been so excited to finally get them out and wash all the newborn stuff to get ready for her.

Any baby related/pregnancy purchases: 

We are trying to get all the little last minute stuff we are discovering we may need! Waterproof protector for her crib, cotton to wipe her with initially cause you can’t use wipes?!? So much to learn!

We didn’t have any sort of play mat with toys and we ordered this mat after reading Courtney’s recommendation.

Greg put some batteries in it to make sure it worked and it said welcome to babies paradise, and he said oh no! I thought something was wrong with it and he said it has an American accent!

Tonight we celebrated our 2nd anniversary!

We went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. They had a nice  little set up for us.

We split a pizza and pasta.

Creme brûlée on the house!

Can’t believe will have an almost 1 year old at our next anniversary!! xoxoxo


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