Wedding Cra-za-zee-iness!!!

We are in single digits, 8 days until I leave for Seattle, and 16 until the wedding!! I feel like we have went from slowly and casually getting all the big stuff, flowers, church, DJ, reception taken care of to 90mph of trying to get a million things done at once!

photo 2

Since we have so many out of town guests and a limited time with them all we’ve been trying to plan a lot of things that include everyone.  Our wedding total is only 76 people but our rehearsal dinner will be about 50+!  My cousin has kindly let us her house for it so that it’s a more casual environment and easier for everyone to get to talk to everyone.

My bridal shower is the day before the rehearsal, where all the girls will also be getting together beforehand to decorate the mason jars that will be on the tables for the reception.  It will be so much fun to have a crafty, girly filled day with all the important women in my life! My aunt has requested my order for famous cupcakes for the bridal shower afterwards that she always brings to family gatherings.  Strawberry cheesecake, nutella, and salted caramel, yes please!   That weekend is definitely going to be filled with My little brother’s birthday is also the same day as the shower so all the family were planning on going to my Aunt & Uncle’s favorite local bar to celebrate, it is going to be a non-stop weekend!

Even though my bachelorette party is in Seattle, I hadn’t planned on doing anything in London, but a friend of mine from our small group at church planned a surprise “Hen” party for me! It was so sweet of her.  We went over to another one of the girls house, we walked down the street in all our bachelorette party gear and picked up our dinner to take back and just hung out followed by cups of Nespresso coffee and When Harry Met Sally! What a crazzzzy night!20140731-141132-51092605.jpg





My bachelorette party in Seattle is starting off with a morning walking food tour of Pike Place Market.  We get to stop at tons of little food stalls and restaurants throughout the market, and my favorite fresh cinnamon sugared doughnut place is on the list, I can’t wait! We are going to play some games back our hotel room after that.  Have dinner reservations at a sushi restaurant, which I’m so excited for because I seriously haven’t had sushi in like 2 years.  We have a reservation at a bar called the Duelling Piano Bar which is supposed to be a hit for bachelorette parties so that should be fun, and then see where they night takes us! My alcohol tolerance is currently zero so I’m a tad worried about how Ill handle the day and night, especially with a full day ahead of us!

Can’t wait to make more memories and for more shenanigans with my bridesmaid’s & co!


photo 1


Have you had to manage a ton of out of town guests for anything? Any tips for helping things run smoothly?

If you’re in the Seattle area and know any fun bars or really good restaurants, lemme know!



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