I’m back as a Mrs!

Hey Y’all!

Greg and I just got back from our honeymoon yesterday and we are back to work and reality!  Our time in Seattle was a whirlwind!

I flew in a week before the wedding to get everything finalized with the venue and pick up our marriage certificate.  A few of my bridesmaids started flying in on Wednesday and the rest of them came in on Thursday and we all stayed downtown in a hotel for a few nights for the bachelorette party!

Saturday was spent at my aunt’s house decorating all the mason jars for the reception and my bridal shower, after that we met up with the guys that night at a Minnesotian restaurant.  It was so great to have all our friends and families from all over the world together.

Sunday was our rehearsal at the church and our rehearsal dinner was at my cousin’s house where everyone was invited since we wanted to spend as much time with everyone while we could, and Monday was the big day!

Here are a few pictures from the wedding:



I’ll be back with pictures from the bachelorette party shenanigans 🙂



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2 Responses to I’m back as a Mrs!

  1. You look beautiful! Congratulations!!

  2. Thanks Hayley!! Congrats to you and JW too!!

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