27 weeks- Baby update!

Baby Updates: 

Baby is the size of a bunch of bananas and weighs 2lbs.  Apparently this is when we should start talking or singing to her to familiarize her with our voices!

Weight Gained: 

21 pounds so far which is about a pound over the higher end of what I should be weighing this week, and considering I was already around 10 pounds over what I normally weigh when I found out I was pregnant, I shouldn’t be this heavy at this point.

Something positive though is that I have always been in either a calorie depraviation stage before a vacation or going crazy and eating all the food during and after vacation till the cycle started again.  Now that I’m not restricting myself, and eating carbs are not forbidden I don’t obsess over food, I eat what and when I want and don’t feel the need to go back for thirds and eat until I’m stuffed.  I had dinner with Greg’s family last week and his aunt made her famous napoleon cake where I have ALWAYS gone back for at least seconds.  After dinner, I had a piece, was satisfied and was done and didn’t think about needing or wanting another piece, this never happens with dessert!

It’s nice to actually feel like I can be normal with eating, I don’t need to binge because I’m not depriving myself and I don’t feel like I need to eat all the food like it’s the last day I’m going to ever eat again.

There is still way too much processed junk in my diet that I said once the nausea stops that I want to focus on eating as clean as I possibly can for the last trimester of pregnancy.  This  should help me to naturally lose some of the excess fat weight I have gained and to continue being healthy after the baby is born.


These have been non-exisitent. 

 I haven’t worked out since our 8K run in Seattle 3 weeks ago. We have been really busy in the evenings after work with planning our housewarming last weekend,  house stuff and visiting Greg’s family before they move to Hong Kong next weekend so exercise has not been a priority, which is a shame because our gym is now a minute walk away from our house and I thought I’d be living there once we moved in.  Id like to try and go 2-3 times a week.  I’ve been reading so much about the benefits of exercise and making labor easier so I’ve got to try and do what I can with the little time I have left although it’s just going to get harder the bigger I get so I’m not sure what is actually realistic.

Food Cravings: 

Pasta dishes! I basically never have pasta other than a few noodles when I make spaghetti because of how ‘bad’ i’ve always thought it is, so I’ve recently had a few healthier microwave pasta meals that I’ve been loving.  I wish spaghetti squash was available all year round here to try make some healthier pasta dishes.

Food Aversions: 

Nothing anymore!


Peeing every 30 minutes!! Baby is moving around so much now and apparently is really supposed to be moving regularly from week 28.  It’s still such a weird feeling!

Looking Forward to?

Not having to get up to pee 5 times a night, but I’ll probably be getting up that often for other reasons once she is here so maybe it’s just preparation for that?!

I can’t believe I’ll be starting my third trimester next week, the time has flown by but now that there’s nothing in-between and am dreading going to work everyday it feels like these next few months are going to drag, so I’m looking forward to be being off work and with our baby!

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases?

We bought a diaper dispenser and a UV cover for our stroller.  Still have lots of little things to buy from our registry since my family gave us money to buy things since we couldn’t bring anything back with us from Seattle.

I’ve been reading random articles on how babies can also cry if they are bored but also when they are tired and just want to chill out and be left a lone, but are sometimes over stimulated with toys which can also upset them.  I’d like to try and find a book on this, any moms have any good recommendations or experience with this?

Miss Anything? 

Sushi, runny eggs, rare steak, and margaritas!!

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